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Recent Home Living Property Culture The Team North Shore Living


Written by Luke Nolan-Harris
Property photography by Des Harris

Client: Zoe, 25 Wellesley Road Pymble

What attracted you to McConnell Bourn to assist in selling your home?
Well about two years ago, just after we moved in, you listed a property across the road from us. Being the inquisitive neighbours we are, we attended an inspection. After talking with the agent and receiving some marketing material, we were impressed by the agent’s demeanour and the quality of the marketing leaving a lasting impression. We have always seen McConnell Bourn as being area specialists across the North Shore and so when it came to selling our home, we knew who to call.

What are your thoughts on McConnell Bourn’s branding and marketing style?
Having studied a bit of marketing in university I personally think McConnell Bourn has ‘nabbed’ the art of marketing in the real estate industry. You do have a superior product and you show the lifestyle of the home and the area, not just four walls and a roof. I absolutely adore your photographer. I had the pleasure of meeting him when he photographed our house and he is incredible.

How was your experience overall?
The selling process was quite smooth, especially given the current market conditions. Our agents were very accommodating throughout the process and they guided us through the current market conditions, which is really important. Real estate is definitely an industry where you have to change quite quickly and without a doubt they were very open, honest and forthcoming. Everyone involved was fantastic so I can’t say anything bad about McConnell Bourn or the team. They did a great job!

What have you enjoyed most about living in the area and what will you miss?
Pymble is beautiful, it’s very leafy and very quiet. Whenever I pass by, it just feels like home. The feeling of the suburb itself is really hard to articulate, but we always loved the privacy and how much space we had. You never felt like your neighbours were right on top of you. You felt safe at all times. It just feels homely and I think it would be the perfect place to raise a family. We are actually looking to buy back in Pymble!

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