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Written by Emma Brancatisano

Images supplied by Pravda Group

When it comes to selling your family home, a string of challenges lay ahead, among them the question of whether your home is ready for sale.

Amid changes in the property industry, this is increasingly on the minds of vendors who must respond to an evolving demographic of buyers with their eyes on ready-to-go properties.

“A lot of people used to think, ‘I’ll leave it for someone else to leave their mark’. While that may have been true 10 to 15 years ago, things have certainly changed,” Angela Hemming, owner of project management, interior design and styling company Pravda Group, told McConnell Bourn.

“What we are finding now is the most popular properties that are achieving the best sales and are being sold faster are those that are walk-in and do nothing.”

“People are time-poor and there is a very small demographic who have the time or the desire to renovate.”

And it is these properties that are in high demand.

How do you get there?

Preparing your home for sale presents a range of challenges, says Hemming.

“There is a lot of knowledge required to be across that process, from a management and a design perspective,” she said.

With over 20 years experience in the civil engineering and the interior design industry, these are challenges she has experienced first hand.

“Eight years ago, I noticed there was a lack of support for people from an independent third party to help them ready their property for sale,” Hemming said.

“I constantly had people chasing me for design tips, how to find builders and the like, so I decided to leave my corporate job and launch Pravda Projects.”

Starting out with project management, Hemming’s business, now known as Pravda Group, expanded into interior design and property styling.

Today, three branches fall under the Pravda umbrella.

“We’re an end-to-end service. We’re here for people who are unsure of what they should be spending their money on and where they should be spending it,” she said.

What is the process?

Whether your home requires a partial style or a full renovation, Hemming’s team moves through a series of stages.

“From a project management point of view, we will go to a client’s property and assess what needs to be done from an aesthetic and maintenance perspective,” she said. After discussing the scope of work with a prospective client, Hemming devises a budget and pools relevant contractors before returning to the client.

“At this point, they can decide how much they want to invest in their property,” Hemming said.

“We then organise all of the contractors and we perform any interior design or engineering work that is required until the project is finished.”

Next comes the process of styling the home for sale, capping off an estimated four to six week project.

Does it pay off?

This process may appear daunting, costly or unnecessary. Hemming’s figures reveal the opposite.

“Typically, our clients get a 300 percent return on investment on their capital work,” she said.

A scale-up also applies to styled homes. Hemming estimates a $3,000 - $6,000 investment in styling can increase a sale price by upwards of $60,000.

“We understand that preparing your house for sale is expensive and people may not want to go through that. But even investing a small amount to neaten and add aesthetic touches can increase the level of interest and bring a great return,” she said.

Hemming is first to acknowledge the inherent challenges for the vendor.

“The hardest thing is emotionally detaching yourself from the house and from the sale,” she said.

“But if you are able to do that and allow the house to be changed even a little, you will find a far better run for your lovely home when you leave.”

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