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MBHQ MB team
Written by Tess Saunders

Photography by Lauren Warner

We were honoured to host new & familiar faces at our exciting and long-awaited brand launch night. We thank everyone who attended in joining us on welcoming the new and making the night a spectacular brand reveal! Read on to hear more about the night and to discover what we’ve got install for our new Gordon HQ.

Two weeks ago, the MB team catered bubbles and bites and an evening of entertainment to celebrate the launch of the new us and the aptly timed opening of our new head office in Gordon. We saw no more appropriate venue than the new office itself! Designed to function as a workspace whilst simultaneously mimicking a home-styled showroom, our Gordon HQ allowed us to invite and accommodate over 100 of our friends and team members.

At McConnell Bourn, we pride ourselves on nurturing relationships and providing unique experiences to our clients. We have specifically designed our new space in Gordon to demonstrate what it is like to live in the home and showcase how people interact with the space. When you visit our HQ, you experience this firsthand, witnessing our distinctly elite, editorial lifestyle photography displayed on the walls. We are proud to claim that these images are captured by our own exclusive and endlessly talented in-house photographer, Des Harris. Our eclectic choice of homewares and furnishings similarly demonstrates how it feels to live and interact in the homes that we represent, and again, we are proud to claim that all styling was carried out by none other than our Founder & Director of Marketing, Samantha Bourn.

Our purpose is to raise the bar and change the way people think. As Matthew, our Founding Director perfectly encapsulates, “we are moving into the next generation of real estate” and McConnell Bourn wish to emphasise that with a new home, comes a new lifestyle as well. The new space will also be open to the community, as we hold themed workshops throughout the year and open our doors to local charity groups to hold their board meetings. We are about more than just property, so let’s welcome the new and make it worthwhile!

Here are a few of the snaps from the night!

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