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Recent Home Living Property Culture The Team North Shore Living
Decluttering is a big buzz word as we look to simplify our lives and restore order to our homes.

If you’re preparing to sell, tidying and getting rid of clutter is of utmost importance, as having fewer things lying around helps you present your abode as a show-home. The ‘blank slate’ allows people to imagine themselves living there instead of getting the impression they are walking into someone else’s house.

There are many strategies for decluttering but let’s focus on going digital as a way to reduce the items in your home. Take a look at three reasons a camera and a scanner are your best friends during the decluttering process.

1. Making shelf space

Photo albums and magazines can take up a lot of room in your home. Give yourself an afternoon (or find a willing helper) to go through your photos and scan the ones you love. Have a system for keeping track that includes the location, date and name of the person in the pic.

If that sounds like too much work, try a photo scanning service, which will do it for you. Options include bulk-scanning or a more costly hand scanning service. Take a look at a few providers:

Shoebox Scanning from Pixels Plus

Place your photos on a backup thumb drive or upload them to a cloud-based app. You can change privacy settings to share them with friends and family or keep them to yourself.

Some apps include:

Dropbox (Basic/Plus/Professional)
Apple iCloud

If you love recipe books but have far too many, scan your favourite recipes. If you have the budget, you could even make one new recipe book to replace the dozens you have. Again, good organisation is key so name your files in a way that makes them easy to find.

2. Treasures

Sometimes it can be difficult to part with treasured items because someone important gave them to you. This can be the case even if they’re worthless or damaged.

Bite the bullet and throw the item away or give it to someone who’ll appreciate it but first take a photo of it. Create a folder called ‘Memories’ or with the name of your loved one and you can revisit it when you’re feeling nostalgic.

The same can apply to letters from former flames or family members. Create a digital record and you won’t have to worry about them fading over time.

3. Filing and paperwork

Drawer upon drawer of paper records are a hassle to keep track of and a hassle to take with you when you move.

If you’re preparing to sell, go through your filing cabinet, firstly to get rid of papers you don’t need. Then create some folders on your computer and start scanning.

Insurance papers, council rates notices, electricity bills and the deeds to your home can all be turned into electronic records. For your will, consider using the NSW Government’s Will Safe service, which stores both paper and electronic copies of your will.

Of course, you still need to keep original passports, birth certificates and other ID but you can minimise other paperwork and tidy your study in a big way with a digital approach.

Take a shortcut by using an app on your smartphone. This will take photos and turn them into pdfs which can then be transferred to your computer or elsewhere. Some options you can download are:


You’ll feel lighter, refreshed and ready to move once you have digitised a lot of the photos and documents in your home, plus it will be easier to have it tidy and looking its best when the potential buyers arrive.

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