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Is your North Shore home ready for winter?

Written by Matthew Bourn
As the temperature starts to drop and warmer clothes come out of the wardrobe, we should start to turn our attention towards winter care for our homes.

So before the mercury starts to drop too far, here are a few easy ways to prepare for winter.

1. Check your heating and insulation

When winter rolls around, you want to be able to enjoy your home to its fullest. Whether you're entertaining guests or just snuggling up in front of the TV, your home should be a comfortable and cosy place.

Before it does start to get cold in Sydney, you should make a few checks in your home. Turn on any heating units you have to make sure they work; it's better to know now if you need to replace them.

And if you haven't had your insulation checked recently, make sure to do that. If heat can easily escape out of your ceiling, windows or door, then it doesn't matter how well your heaters are working. You might find that doors and windows have warped slightly with all the rain; weather strips are useful to stop any heat leakage.

2. Prepare your outdoor areas

Although winter in Sydney can get chilly, it's certainly not cold like some areas of the world. The good news is that your outdoor areas can be used year-round, even if you need a small purchase or two.

For your patio, buying a heater is a simple way to make the space more comfortable.

Taking time to tend to your garden is a good idea at this time of year, particularly if you have a lawn. Make sure to rake up any fallen leaves and apply an iron-rich fertiliser to keep your grass looking healthy.

If you think that you'll be staying inside a bit (or a lot) more often in the winter, make sure you give your barbecue a deep clean.

3. Clean up your garage

Because of heavy rain and occasional hail storms, it's a good idea to keep your car in the garage over winter.

For many people, the garage quickly becomes a storage area. Possessions can quietly accumulate over the years so it pays to have regular clearouts. By doing this before winter you can make enough space to finally use your garage for its intended purpose.

4. Tend to your pool

Unless you have a heated pool, this will likely go unused over the next few months. Rather than keeping it full and maintained over winter, take the time to drain it now.

Once it's empty, you can give it a thorough clean ‒ the walls, floor and drainage system ‒ then cover it up and wait until warmer times to get it back in working order.

5. Be ready for the deluge

Rain tends to get heavier in winter, with June seeing the most rainfall in an average year in Sydney.

To make sure your home is ready, you should give your gutters and drainpipes a clean.

Over the year, leaves, twigs and other debris make their way into these areas. This can build up and cause problems if left untended. An afternoon's work in late autumn or early winter can reduce the change of problems and give you peace of mind that things are in order.

6. Get yourself ready

Not only are winter and summer wardrobes different, so is the linen around the home.

Once you've unpacked your jumpers and packed away your swimmers, it's time to think about getting out the thermal PJs and the thick doonas.

Like with the other steps, getting these washed, dried and ready to go ahead of time will help you to feel like you've kept the chill at bay.

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