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A question that often comes up with clients is whether or not styling your property is worth it. What are the benefits, how much does it cost, and how much will styling add to your sales price? Read on to find out the advantages of styling for your home.

What is styling?

Styling is preparing your home for sale by appointing a home stylist to come to your home and give it a room-by-room survey. Your stylist will then work hard to get your property looking great – this might involve simply advising you, but can involve bringing in furniture and artwork, and helping you with preparation.

Styling is all about creating a cohesive look that engenders a feeling of calm and emphasises the property’s best features. Usually, your stylist will start by encouraging you to declutter. This forced presale declutter will pay dividends later, as you’ll have worked out what you want to keep, meaning a smoother move once your home is sold.

Your stylist may rearrange furniture to define spaces more clearly or bring in extra furniture to emphasise appealing features, such as a balcony or al fresco dining. He or she may add artwork or colour to brighten rooms and make them more welcoming and contemporary. And styling will also help open up each room and make it appear larger.

Styling is about neutralising a home. Ideally, you want buyers to walk in and be able to imagine themselves living there. So family photos and daily clutter such as notes on the fridge will be removed. This means the property will appeal to the widest possible pool of buyers.

Finally, styling is about offering an aspirational lifestyle. A home that looks like it could feature in a magazine is going to appeal to buyers, and professional stylists know all the tricks to create a stunning first impression. What’s more, a good agent will have an idea of the type of buyer who will want your home, and will brief the stylist to style the home accordingly. It’s about selling a lifestyle as well as a home.

How much value does styling add?

How much styling adds depends on the property; in our experience, it can add in the region of ten per cent to your sale price. A beautifully presented property doesn’t have the look of a ‘fire sale’, which you want to avoid as it attracts low ball offers. Styling can cost in the region of $2,000 to $8,000, depending on the property and how many rooms you choose to have styled, but can make a bigger difference to your sales price and length of time on the market.

Is a stylist necessary when selling a property?

Not always. A knock-down, land-value property wouldn’t generally need styling. But otherwise, it’s certainly worth considering.

Styling is growing in popularity as buyers increasingly begin their property search online. Professional photos of an immaculate property attract more visitors at open homes. This creates a greater buzz around the property, which can boost the price.

It’s also worth noting that a beautifully presented property will signal to buyers that they don’t have to do a lot of work – they can simply move in. For today’s time-poor buyers, this is often more appealing than a ‘fixer-upper’.

Finally, getting a home ready for sale can be a stressful and time-consuming process. Having someone on hand to advise and help make decisions around presentation can not only boost your sales price, but also, it can reduce your stress levels.

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