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Written Lauren Warner

Photo by Des Harris

We give our tips on what to look out for in a good property manager to ensure a stress-free experience.

Look for the individuals who choose property management as a career. You want someone who is competent, mature and highly experienced. Longevity in the role is a great indicator.

A Team Approach
You can’t always rely on a single property manager - what if they get sick or leave? It’s important to choose an individual who has a dedicated property management team that can step in when needed.

Attracting Tenants
Without a clear marketing strategy in place, it makes it difficult to find quality tenants. Ask the questions about how your property will be marketed. Professional property marketing will be sure to give your investment property a competitive edge.

Maximising Returns
Select a property manager who works diligently to maximise your return on investment whilst managing tenant demands and maintenance expenses. Your best interests should be paramount.

Local Knowledge
It pays off to have your property manager close at hand. Look for someone who knows the ins and outs of the local market - an area specialist who will bring invaluable knowledge to the table.

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