Rachel Garnsey

Licensed Real Estate Agent

An ongoing personal commitment to her clients success is what lies behind Rachel's outstanding real estate results. Her empathetic nature and exceptional listening skills quickly put her clients at ease enabling them to work in a seamless partnership. Focused and results driven, Rachel's effective and personable communicative abilities assist all parties throughout the buying and selling process. Rachel possesses a complete awareness of the way the various elements of a successful campaign must be co-ordinated so that desired results can be reached.

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M. 0415 123 481 P. 02 9496 2777

What Rachel's clients are saying

Testimonial of Our Dealings With Ms. Rachel Garnsey In February 2018 we decided to downsize from our home of 30 years in St Ives Chase. We’d not sold a house in over 30 years so I had no current experience of local estate agents who I could trust and rely upon to give us the best possible service by way of the following: • Guidance on the procedure and the latest legal requirements • Help with knowing what needed to be fixed, repaired or changed with our home prior to sale • Probable price ranges that we were likely to achieve • Total honesty with us in all respects • Loyalty to us by way of being on our side and not selling out to buyer pressure • A road map from start to sale to handover. I tried the Open Agent website with their Find an Agent process. I found it to be next to useless as the criteria they use didn’t cover our needs. That website recommended agents who had sold the most properties by value – not a very useful measure for us. We needed someone who understood the niche in the market that our home suited and then that person needed to know how to market it. I interviewed four agents and I found that one was only interested in chalking up a sale quickly and moving on – not much loyalty and dedication that I could see. Another agent had a long track record and I already knew him but he had almost finished his career and I was doubtful about his enthusiasm. Yet another agent made it clear that he didn’t like our home and wanted to change it so it was like all the other homes he normally sold. Then one day I was at my mail box and I was greeted by Rachel Garnsey who was canvassing the area. I had a quick chat and decided that she might be ‘THE ONE’. My wife and I told Rachel what we wanted to do and how we thought we should do it. Rachel quickly and in a straight forward manner put us right on some of our misguided and impractical ideas but built on them to develop a strategy and a timeline as well as a step by step method of achieving our desired result. I’ve had a long career in engineering, manufacturing and R&D employing several hundred people including many sales teams so I feel I can judge people’s character, sincerity, motivation, diligence and capacity for hard work fairly quickly. I assessed that Rachel had all the right attributes and I further felt that she was the type of person who would “get her teeth into a project” and then stick with it until it succeeded – it was obvious to me that Rachel was highly motivated and I like that. We signed up with Rachel without hesitation. She kept in touch with us and monitored our progress with getting our home ready for sale over the next 8+ weeks it took us to get ready. During this period Rachel seemed to have an endless number of recommended tradesmen that could help us reach our target date at the minimum cost. Every one of her recommended tradesmen was a gem. Amazing. Rachel developed a Gantt chart for us to work with to arrive prepared at the start of photo shoots and marketing and then introduced our property to the other agents in her group. She then started a series of inspections leading up to an intended auction date. Rachel manned every inspection in a first class highly motivated manner. The property had been marketed so well that the numbers of people that went through our home was above average and soon we had a group of potential buyers making offers. We had brought up three children in our home and we dearly wanted someone to buy it who wanted it as a home where they could love it and grow their family. We didn’t really want a dispassionate investor in our home of many years. Rachel found such a family and lo and behold they made an offer that we accepted well before the auction date. We were happy with the result and so was the small family that bought our home. They love our home and we like them very much. And, we love Rachel too and we’re so grateful for the professional way she managed us from start to finish. She was always honest, always straight forward and always right in every assessment. More than that Rachel has a special listening skill and tolerated my incessant bellyaching, outrageous opinions and misguided ideas – she simply ploughed on with extraordinary diligence and enthusiasm towards the objective. In terms, I would recommend Rachel Garnsey to handle the marketing and sale of any property under almost any circumstances. If you want someone who won’t lie to you, who is never disingenuous and stays on your side while being very fair to your clients, Rachel is the one. In the process she’s become a dear friend to us and I know she will go from strength to strength in an industry she knows so much about. Anthony & Christine
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