Jenny Han

Licensed Real Estate Agent

Having been a local resident of the North Shore for twenty years, Jenny gains satisfaction and fulfillment from assisting people to buy and sell one of the largest investments in their life. She is attracted to the dynamic and challenging nature of the industry and the opportunity to constantly develop skills and abilities. Fluent in Mandarin, she also has excellent interpersonal, organisational and negotiation skills, qualities which make her a successful sales agent and an asset to the MB team.

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M. 0402 395 582 P. 02 9496 2777

What Jenny's clients are saying

Jenny was very easy to get on with, communicated extremely well and had wonderful rapport with buyers. She was extremely diligent with following up with buyers and also any concerns that we had. She had good knowledge of the market and never appeared tired or flustered despite working so hard. ANIL KESHAVA Dedicated, seasoned and reliable: Jenny from McConnell Bourn was undoubtedly the leading market agent who is more than professional. As the vendor, COLI Australia just had a great experience with her team and will be continuing working together with the rest of Pent Collection’s selling. Jenny managed to break through the different sales procedure between second-hand auction & off-plan units, leveraged by her great patience, communication strategy, problem solving and negotiation skills. She is target oriented, self-driven, responsive and hard working at all times. With client-centered mindset, Jenny cooperated with the COLI team to focus on strategic and results driven approach. It’s no doubt that NEUE Pent broke our recent regional record. Thanks to Jenny and her McConnell Bourn team! COLI AUSTRALIA SALES TEAM Jenny is a heart warm and quite informative real estate sales representative who is there to help along the whole process. She is willing to give transparent and accurate information during the negotiation and also try her best to satisfy the buyer's need during the settlement process. There is a happy buyer and a happy seller, and Jenny made it happen! LILING SU Successful sale made easy! It was a pleasure working successfully with John McNee and Jenny Han with the recent successful sale of our house. Jenny was extremely helpful in reaching various aspects of the vendor market and I am very happy that I had her assistance. CRAIG DONALDSON Hearing this good news, Alice and I were very, very pleasantly surprised! In the current severe market situation, Jenny can help us sell such a price, it is a miracle! We admire Jenny's ability and the strength of your company. I believe we will have more cooperation in the future. thank you very much! DAVID GU Great Experience with Jenny. I’m owner of the property located in South Turramurra, NSW 2074 that was sold last Saturday, 6 March 2021. What a gift to my family and I really appreciate for Jenny and MB to achieve this fantastic result! When I decided to sell my property, I considered several agencies and met face to face several times. Most of agents told us negative sides of my property such as strange layouts, separate kitchen and living room and so forth, so made me depressed, But Jenny told us positive sides of my property and pointed out the marketing view and provided variety of suggestions. In my opinion, all properties have pros and cons, and we need to emphasize positive aspects of properties, not point out negative aspects. Jenny emphasized positive aspects, therefore I and my wife were so happy and decided to work with her. My wife searched for Jenny at MB website and choose her even though we didn’t know her before, but our choice with Jenny was best choice, When we met her first time at my place, she shared so many professional advices, guidance and great insights of local market and the property. It was so hard work to prepare for open inspection to me, but she encouraged my wife and me and finally reached at great results. I really appreciate her professionalism, enthusiasm and effort to us. Once more, I’m so glad to work with Jenny and MB team, and I will also work with Jenny and MB in the near future for purchasing another property and sell my other existing properties. ANDREW BOEM PARK The most dedicate trustworthy estate agent! Jenny is everything you hope a real estate agent would be -- honest, humble, transparent, dedicated, and focused on the best interest of the client. Having dealt with several different real estate agents and agencies, we can say without a doubt that Jenny and MB are a cut above the rest. Despite COVID-19 lockdowns and negative press about the housing market last year, Jenny managed to sell our property in Pymble at an incredible price due to her tremendous efforts, expertise. Given my past successful experiences with Jenny, I fully entrust her with purchasing our next property by providing her our true budget and our preferences for our next home. Jenny tirelessly introduced us to a variety of properties and finally helped us find our dream home! It was not an easy transaction due to some uncertain factors, with Jenny, MD of McConnell Bourn, the vendor, and the solicitor working until midnight to close this sale at $5.1 million. A big THANKYOU to Jenny. She has a remarkable ability to bring buyers and sellers together to produce win-win outcomes. She is and will remain our go to agent. Anyone wanting to sell or buy, you can't go past Jenny and the team at MB, they are absolutely first rate. WIEWIEW GU Jenny is an amazing agent who is extremely professional, approachable, responsive, thoughtful, and caring. Jenny really looks after her clients – not just the vendor side but also the buyer. Her ability to identify me as a serious buyer is impressive and she has taken time to understand my needs and helped me out for the entire process. Buying a property is a very stressful process, not even to mention the property I purchased has a long settlement period, which requires extra time, effort and support from the agent to close the deal and Jenny has always been there for me. Not only that, Jenny has been constantly checking on me to see if I need any help on settling in my first apartment. She has been extraordinarily helpful by introducing her great resources to me on whatever I needed for my apartment – this has saved a lot of my time and taken off much pressure on my shoulder. Thank you so much Jenny for your kindness and support. I understand you have always gone extra mile to help out both the vendor and the buyer as you know to reach a deal is not always a straightforward process and you truly wish both parties are extremely happy from the buy & sale. I would highly recommend Jenny and I would certainly use her sales, negotiation, and personal skills if I were to sell my property in the future. Once again, Jenny, I am very grateful for all what you have done for me in the purchasing of my first property. Great job! BAILEY ZHANG Jenny was fabulous! She was immediately interested in understanding what I wanted as a buyer, showing me options, providing great ideas and advice, putting forward my offer and ensuring the whole process to exchange of contract went as smoothly as possible. So professional, a great negotiator and such a pleasure to engage with. Thrilled with the experience, and thrilled with my new home! Thank you! LESLEIGH THOMPSON Throughout our sales campaign Jenny was a model of professionalism and service, always available to talk to us and give us guidance and helpful suggestions on how we could best market our property. As a result the open days were very successful with a large number of attendees and a lot of interest. Jenny worked incredibly hard to turn this momentum from the open days into offers and she ultimately achieved a fantastic sale price for us within just two weeks. We would recommend Jenny and McConnell Bourn to anyone looking for a real estate agent to sell their property. DAVID & ALICE Jenny was very helpful and responsive throughout our buying journey, assisting us in navigating an unfamiliar area and market. She maintained close contact from week 1 of the property's launch, regularly updated us with seller feedback and buyers' expectations up until the auction day. We are very grateful that we managed to secure the home. Following the settlement, Jenny continued to maintain contact to ensure our move transitioned smoothly. We highly recommend Jenny's service. BERNARD LO We are the owner of B304, 2 Bobbin Head Road, Pymble. By writing this email, we just want to share how happy we were today when Jenny presented us an amazing contract to sign! What a gift to us for Chinese New Year! It is absolutely beyond our expected price and I can say nothing but a big THANK YOU to Jenny and MB team who helped us to achieve this fabulous result! As you may be aware, my investment property was put to market in 2018 but didn’t work out by another agency company, which really made me upset. So when this wave was coming in late 2020, I had to make sure it in safe hands. Fortunately I found another property in the same building was sold by Jenny at a great price even in the most tough time of COVID. So I dialed her number. Jenny impressed me very much even when I made the first call with her (I knew later that she actually answered my call in hospital when taking care of her family member). When we met physically the first time, she shared so many professional advices, guidance and great insights of local market and this building. A tactical plan was soon made by her, which now is proved as flawless with such great result. It is an amazing journey – first meeting right before Christmas, getting everything prepared within weeks, sold at an great price with one week. Despite many challenges to deal with before the sale, I can’t believe Jenny really made it! I truly appreciate her professionalism, enthusiasm and customer-centric mindset. Execution was flawless because Jenny does have attitude to pursue the best result. All the plan and details are on her Radar! We are so glad to work with Jenny and MB team, and surely will recommend your service to our friends and families. Thank you! Gino and Liping - a happy customer GINO & LIPING Jenny provided wonderful support during the preparation and whirlwind sale of our much loved home. Her unique personal gifts of kindness, supportive nature and knowledge of the market ensured a smooth transition from the time we decided to sell right through to the first open home and sale. We would highly recommend Jenny. MICHELLE O'DONNELL
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